BatteryMINDer® Five Stage Charging Process Explanation

The following BatteryMINDer® models have a five stage charging process: 1500, 2012, 2012-AGM, 12248, 24041, 36271, 48021, 12248-AA-S2,3,5, 24041-AA-S2, 3, 5, 28252-AA.

These models come equipped with sensors for Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) from 0-F to 130-F. These sensors are either Ambient (ATS) already installed or the optional At-the-Battery (ABS-248) depending on the model. This ensures 100% charge without ever over or under charging. The sensor accomplishes this by sending electrical information to charger so it will know when to lower its voltage (warm-hot) or raise voltage (cool-cold). The purpose of the optional ABS-248 sensors is to detect temperature at and within the battery itself rather than the temperature surrounding it or the charger. This is very important if charger is not close to (in same ambient atmosphere -temperature) as the battery. Proper temperature compensation significantly increases battery life. Any charging device that is not equipped with accurate temperature sensing should never be used in temperatures above 80-F and below 60-F, especially when being maintained for weeks-months at a time. If used expect battery life to be significantly shorter with poorer performance during its shortened life as well.

The Five Stage Charging Process:

Initialization (Soft Start) - (tests battery) - if low voltage (3-V Minimum for a 12-Volt) but no bad cell(s) are detected, unit enters Soft-Start mode to safely bring battery up to proper voltage before beginning 1st stage of charging (Bulk-Constant Current). If battery is found to be defective (bad-shorted cell), unit will shut off and indicate fault-bad battery.

Bulk Charge* - charges battery at highest current rate bringing it to 85% of full charge in shortest time safely and without hurting battery long term life.

Absorption* - completes charging to 100% (constant voltage) with current level determined by the battery.

Sulfation Test - checks battery condition. If the voltage is too low (sulfation), the unit (LEDs) will show low battery voltage and keeps the battery in Absorption-Desulfation mode until voltage is at good-acceptable level. If unit cannot accomplish this due to very poor condition of battery it will simply maintain battery and indicate was unable to fully charge and desulfate.

Maintenance + Desulfation* - holds battery at 100% charge while continuing to desulfate. Remains in this mode indefinitely until user changes setting or places battery back in use.

*All BatteryMINDer® models provide 100% full-time variable frequency pulse type desulfation** automatically (no buttons to push).

** Patented.

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